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Frannie-poo Tarkenton should stick to touch football

March 7, 2012

Fran Tarkenton last beclowned himself weighing in on the Tim Tebow “Tebowing” whine-fest, taking the side of the godless. Instead of applauding the fact that a quarterback was advocating religion, morals, good behaviour, good sportsmanship and general righteousness, Fran cried and cried about the fact Tim brought too much Jesus to his game and I guess it offended Fran’s sense of decorum. Fran also yelled at Tim to get off his lawn.

As I noted at the time (my comment was oddly deleted) Tarkenton plagiarized a scene in North Dallas Forty in that diatribe, claiming that the scene where the team chaplain says a prayer before the game, then the late great John Matusak jumps up and says “Let’s kill the SOB’S!” actually happened on his team.


Bitter old failure Fran Tarkenton joins the haters piling on Tebow

January 13, 2012

Fran Tarkenton, whom I always liked and respected, joins the chorus of idiots making a spectacle of themselves condemning Tim Tebow for supposedly making a spectacle of himself:

The prayer was always pretty much for the same thing: Let there not be any injuries, let everybody play a good game—anything except to win the game. No one ever asked to win the game, probably for fear that God would punish us for asking. After this moment of devotion, the team would all shout in unison, “Now let’s go kill those S.O.B.’s!”…

Does anyone else feel like this is suspiciously similar to the scene in ”North Dallas Forty” where the late great John Matusak says those exact words after the team priest gives the invocation? It could be a case of art imitating life, since author Peter Gent was an ex-pro football players and presumably based the book on personal experience.

However, the anecdote is just a little too pat and the exact line being used leads me to believe Fran, (whom I loved as a scrappy scrambler cursed with a lot of bad teams and bad luck even in Super Bowl years) has had his memories coloured by the movie and back-constructed the tale and might even believe it’s true. Little too ‘on the nose’ for me to swallow, however.