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Don’t mention this post to anyone, it’s a secret (Obama’s a Muslim)

March 14, 2012

This guy, by writing this article, is doing exactly what he chastises the pollsters for doing. I had not even heard of this poll until I stumbled on this column. My question is, why are 40+% of Mississipians so unaware of Obama’s religion?

Seriously, I think the guy is an atheist who is Christian when it’s convenient. I believe he didn’t even pay attention to Reverend Wright for 20 years.


Unions deserve to die, they’ve been killing business and prosperity for years

February 3, 2012

Unions have no one but themselves to blame for their demise. There was a time when they were necessary, but in an effort to justify their bloated leadership they make exorbitant demands until they either break the company they leech off of, or they’re forced to move operations off-shore.

Let’s teach about abortion, AIDS, gay bullying, black nationalism, Palestinian rights and income equality on Sesame Street (sign the petition)

January 24, 2012

These whingers are complaining because they haven’t seen any breastfeeding on Sesame Street lately, and they think that’s wrong, and that the kind of poor bastards who park their kids in front of the teevee to watch life-partners Bert and Ernie are too stupid to figure it out unless they see it on Sesame Street, so more babies sucking bewbage! Even muppets should bare a furry tit or two and offer a felt-covered nipple to a muppet moppet, I guess. And btw, there are a lot more messages they should be disseminating, sign the petition and let’s school teh innner city idiots!

oh bullshit. I’m so sick of every single thing in this country being politicized, from Tim Tebow to The Passion of the Christ, sports, movies, tv, music, everything must adhere to a politically correct posture and the left and right must take a stand and fight over every cultural benchmark.

Shorter Bigot Bob Krumm: Italians will knock your gramma down to steal a meatball, that’s why they drowned

January 17, 2012

Disgusting bigot Bob Krumm has the entire Italian liner disaster figured out: see, he’s been skiing with Italians, and they aren’t like the rest of us, nor the more civilized Germans (the damn Italians couldn’t have even kept the trains to the gas chambers running on time without the German sense of order to guide them!). They knock people down, they drive on the wrong side of the road, they are uncivilized, crude, ignorant, rude, stupid and just below the level of humanity Bob Krumm expects to find on the slopes.

So naturally, they just pushed everyone aside and ran to the front of the line. Despite any actual evidence of this, he knows it because, hey, that’s just how Italians are.

I’ve seen an advance copy of bigot Bob Krumm‘s next column:

The Biafra famine was caused because it’s well-known black people will knock you down for a piece of fried chicken, they have no sense of order (as the admired Germans do) and they just caper around like baboons with no sense of order. So it’s no wonder they starved, and by the way, they probably deserved it, signed Bob Krumm.

Here’s an actual quote. This is kind of bigotry and sneering at entire populations of which Ron Paul and David Duke would be proud:

Italians, especially southern Italians, do not respect this concept on the slopes. Those already ahead of them when they arrive at the lift are an obstacle to be overcome, not to be waited out. Pushing, elbows, and skiing across the top of your own skis are all permitted according to Italian rules.

Spaniards are like this too. French are far more Italian than they are German. And Greeks? Well, I can’t say, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Greeks skiing–probably because they can’t afford to.

He’s never been around poor people, and frankly, they disgust him, so that’s a good thing. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to see any Wops, Spics or other greasers on the slopes, they just muddy up the snow, don’t you know.

Bob Krumm is a revolting, crass bigot. His commenters are a reflection of his hate and insults.

Walmart upsets limousine liberal

December 11, 2011

It’s especially shocking how Wal-Mart _forces_ customers, at the point of a gun and backed by US law, to shop at their stores. Or perhaps the authors’ point is how the poor, stupid benighted bastards who shop there are just too damn dumb to know that shopping for the best prices, being able to own things they would be unable to afford elsewhere, improving their quality of life by buying the best goods at the cheapest price, all these things are wrong and evil, mostly because union officials don’t get their cut. And when union officials don’t get their cut, the democrat party suffers, because then union officials can’t siphon union dues off to democrat party coffers. Everyone should just cut out the middleman and give all the money they would spend at Wal-Mart, or anywhere else, to the democrat party (something the democrats are constantly attempting to codify). Then, with all money in democrat hands, they can redistribute it according to their fair and equitable political patronage system, much as they did with the so-called “Recovery Act” funds.