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Smartest Prez-o-dunt evah does it again

March 21, 2012

Via Just One Minute, Obama “57th state” the Jeenyus gets another one wrong:


Don’t mention this post to anyone, it’s a secret (Obama’s a Muslim)

March 14, 2012

This guy, by writing this article, is doing exactly what he chastises the pollsters for doing. I had not even heard of this poll until I stumbled on this column. My question is, why are 40+% of Mississipians so unaware of Obama’s religion?

Seriously, I think the guy is an atheist who is Christian when it’s convenient. I believe he didn’t even pay attention to Reverend Wright for 20 years.

Newsflash: some conservatives vote for stiff mitt

February 10, 2012

Wow, romney manages to get some conservatives to vote for him, like that proves a goddamn thing.

You’re missing the point. Yeah, romney gets a good share of conservatives who hold their nose. However, turnout is less than in 2008. Meaning, a good many conservatives are sitting home. No one ever said romney won’t get _any_ conservatives: what I (and others) are saying is enough will refuse to vote for him under any circumstances to doom him in the general.

Thomas Friedman wants Castro to pick the GOP nominee, as he did the democrat in ’08

January 29, 2012

heh, friedman continues his quest to be the stupidest pundit in the world. Both the left and right deride him as a simpleton, but that doesn’t mean he’s centrist or neutral, it just means he has no coherent point of view and edifies no one. I’d be worried if Castro DID approve of the Republican candidates. btw, tom, can you point me to a candidate Fidel _would_ approve? Oh yeah, barack obama. And proving castro is a lot more astute than friedman, obama has lived up to castro’s hopes, damaging the United States as much as the limits of the executive branch will allow, and breaking precedent and law to go even further. castro never let a little thing like ‘constitutions’ and ‘laws’ limit his ability to grab power, force his will on his country at the expense of liberty, and further his party and minions at the expense of the rest of the country. obama is a true disciple of castro, no wonder fidel hearts barry and hates Gingrich.

Why the leftist entertainment industry can’t find anything funny to say about Obama.

March 30, 2011

It’s big news when a mainstream comedian cracks on Obama, because it happens so infrequently. This piece about Jimmy Fallon gently ribbing the president is so mild it’s barely “criticism” at all. It’s certainly not very funny.

I’ve read numerous pieces where comedians, mostly leftists ones, say it’s hard to joke about Obama cuz he’s just so damn competent and saintly there isn’t much to work with.

Which is bullshit of course. They certainly have had no problems in the past making fun of the actual Messiah, so laughing at a faux one should be easy, right? It’s hard for them, and here’s why: