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Obama writes off yet another constituency, making his appeal yet more “selective”

February 5, 2012

Like Spinal Tap in their fading career endgame, obama seems to feel he’s not losing popularity, his appeal is just becoming more selective, as he insults and demeans Catholics with his “must cover” contraception regs which won’t win him a single vote he wouldn’t have gotten anyway (who else are anyone who is a single-issue abortion lover going to vote for?) and probably loses him millions.


Unions deserve to die, they’ve been killing business and prosperity for years

February 3, 2012

Unions have no one but themselves to blame for their demise. There was a time when they were necessary, but in an effort to justify their bloated leadership they make exorbitant demands until they either break the company they leech off of, or they’re forced to move operations off-shore.