Fashion Industry Douchebags


Far be it for me to defend kenye west, who is a world-class douche of the first water, but anti-fur crybabies are far worse on the universal scale of douchebaggery.

Ironic that the people whinging about the lamb’s foetus wool are probably pro-abortion for humans. This is so much crap with you ‘animal cruelty’ titbits. So what if slaughtered lamb’s wool is used for clothing. Would you rather they threw it away after slaughtering the lamb for meat?

While we’re at it, the textile industry is rife with human rights abuses, slave labor, brutal working conditions, child exploitation etc., so let’s just shut down the entire fashion industry, shall we? Or do you only care about your “pet” causes like sheep fetuses? The fashion industry is decadent, elitist, parasitic cancer anyway, shut the whole thing down. You people make me want to puke.

Anorexic hermaphrodites strutting around in “clothing” that no actual human will ever wear in the real world, for enrichment of dried up, dessicated botox animated corpses like Anna Wintour and the entertainment of hateful leftist hags like Sally Quinn, so I’d gladly see the entire thing die a quick death.

Career day for homosexual men hardest hit.


2 Responses to “Fashion Industry Douchebags”

  1. Sean Says:

    1 st order (water ?)

    • docweasel Says:

      First water means “highest quality” and is a term which originates from the gemstone trade.[1] The clarity of diamonds is assessed by their translucence; the more like water, the higher the quality. The 1753 edition of Chambers’ Encyclopedia states “The first water in Diamonds means the greatest purity and perfection of their complexion, which ought to be that of the clearest drop of water. When Diamonds fall short of this perfection, they are said to be of the second or third water, &c. till the stone may be properly called a coloured one.”

      The comparison of diamonds with water dates back to at least the early 17th century, and Shakespeare alludes to it in Pericles, 1607.[2]

      Heavenly jewels which Pericles hath lost,
      Begin to part their fringes of bright gold.
      The diamonds of a most praisèd water

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