Tina Fey is a despicable, talentless hack, but the left loves her for demeaning Palin


What a load of bollocks. The left (and no one else) loves Fey because she caricatured Sarah Palin, and with big media assistance, helped push the narrative Palin was stupid and vapid, to the point low information voters actually thought things Fey said were actual Palin quotes (“I can see Russia from my house”).

All this was important because the left was frantic to destroy a woman, who, unlike Clinton and Pelosi, had been elected to office without the coattails of her husband or father, and who is an authentic person who really did reflect the lifestyle and values of most Americans, unlike leftist elites in the democrat party. Consequently, she had to be destroyed.

The left was terrified of her.

And Fey, with help from every liberal media outfit out there, networks, blogs, mainstream media, publishing etc. helped to tear Palin down. The left is grateful, and they will continue to reward her for helping rescue their hero, Capt. Wonderful. Fey is nothing special in herself, but she fulfilled a role.

She owes her career to insulting Palin and currying favor with those who despise Palin, and she gracefully acknowledges that by insulting Palin every chance she gets. It’s pretty typical that the worst human beings imaginable are at the top of the celebrity worship pyramid, and Fey is a wonderful example of a walking douchebag who is held up as some kind of role model.

Bravo, leftists, for continuing to drive the narrative, while incidentally destroying everything good.


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