How do you tell an Italian blog? Dago wop wop wop wop wop…


I guess I’m just not getting it. Someone indirectly referred to Jeremy Lin (a basketball player, if you don’t know) as a “chink”.

If someone called me a “wop” or a “dago” (both sets of grandparents were of Italian descent and my paternal grandmother came over from Italy as a little girl) I’d just laugh at something so absurd. I wouldn’t try to get someone fired, I really wouldn’t. I almost feel as if we should be able to yell back and forth and call each other dago and wop and n-word and c-word and douchebag and asshole. Who gives a rat’s ass?

It can only bother you if A. you are super-sensitive about what some meany says about you or 2. you are trying to score political points and win an argument you can’t win on facts by smearing someone as a racist. It would probably take the steam out of words if they weren’t so taboo.

I’ve never gotten this entire thing- when I was younger, people didn’t hire me because I had long hair. I didn’t take it personally and I moved on.

I truly wouldn’t care if someone didn’t want to hire me because I was a spaghetti bender, I’d like to know their prejudices upfront and not get sandbagged by some secret bigot who had to keep his biases hidden. When I see someone whine about something like this I just feel like they should get over it and move on. It’s not like you were actually assaulted.

Same with women reporters or whatever who feel like they were ‘sexually harassed” or condescended to because someone mentioned their legs (or whatever).

Same with gay people- some have embraced “fag” and “queer”- you can’t insult someone with an epithet if they use it on themselves, seems to me. I wouldn’t go around referring to myself as a “dago” (or a guinea, which always kind of cracked me up) and I’d only be insulted if someone called me a “Guido” because I think it’s inaccurate- a guido is a New Jersery/NYC wop with slicked back hair, gold jewelry and a running suit.

While we’re on the subject, why do Puerto Ricans have have PR flags (is is a slur to call a Puerto Rican a PR?) hanging from their car mirrors? Even further, why do people feel the need to put bumper stickers or appliques with colleges, favorite bands, political slogans or Christian fishes on their cars? What is this mania with extrovertedly pushing your identity on everyone.

So if you crash into their car, you can utilize stereotypes to prepare yourself to deal with them? “uh oh, it’s an Occupier, I better watch out he doesn’t try to rape me!”- something like that?

If you’re going to live in this world, develop a sense of humor and a thicker skin. The media and the PC police should run interference for everyone who is offended by this kind of crap because then it becomes a cudgel to use on your enemies and excuse in your friends (see Reid, Harry, clean and articulate, Biden Joe, 7-11)


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