Femifista rapes my vagina with stupid


This post raped my vagina with stupid, and if I feel raped, it must be real. I’m a woman and therefore I ride the ultimate and unimpeachable moral highhorse. My weapons are smug self-righteousness in one hand and condescension in the other.

I wonder if it counts as “rape” to have your brain sucked out or your body dismembered and taken out piece by piece because your very existence is inconvenient to your mother? That would seem more like rape than some petty indignity like a sonogram.

I happen to think women who use infanticide as birth control _should_ know they are killing a living child, not just a lump of cells. They should have to go through an entire educational class about the serious consequences of depriving another innocent human being of life. If only the unborn could be put on a kind of “death row” before abortions, leftist and feminist protesters would be out in force protesting, if they cared more about innocent life than they do for the Mumia’s of the world. But they don’t.

Forcing that information into an irresponsible, uncaring brain is now considered rape, according to you.

I guess to some leftists, rape is anything they say it is other than a man forcibly putting his penis in her vagina (see the Olby-Kos snark-fest downplaying the rapes and sexual assaults at the occupy porta-slums).


hat-tip to Don Surber.


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