You fags are a bunch of retards.


This occurred to me when the Vince Vaughan controversy about saying electric cars were for fags (they are) and the gay lobby got their panties all twisted up in their butt-cracks, and not in a good way.

Homosexuals have pretty much settles on “gay” as a euphemism for men who like to suck cock, put their penis in another man’s asshole (tops), have another man put his penis in their asshole (bottoms), or do a little of both (versatile) and other ancillary acts like adoring Madonna.

Ok, that’s gay and that’s cool. The rest of us aren’t referring to that when we use the word “fag” (mostly)- they have decided they want to be called “gay”, and have co-opted the word and it can no longer be used in it’s original sense, it’s so associated with homosexuality (you can’t call it “faggotry”).

And I’m fine with that. They seem to also claim “queer” when they are in a militant (for a homosexual) mood, but they mostly eschew “fag” and find it insulting. From various pop-culture sources (I don’t know this from personal experience, I’ve never heard it in real life) some gays seem to use it like black people calling each other the n-word: it’s ok if we do it to ourselves, so gays can call each other “fag” in a non-offensive, ironic way I guess.

But it’s never ok for a straight person to refer to a gay person as a fag, or a faggot, in a serious, non-ironic way (or any way at all, I guess) and it seems the PC police have decreed you can’t use “fag” to refer to something that is faggish or pussified. Here’s where I draw the line.

There are perfectly serviceable words like “fag” and “retard” (or “retarded”) that the PC powers-that-be have decided unilaterally that the rest of us can’t use. Even though most people don’t use either of these words to disparage either homosexuals or mental deficient people (is it even ok to call them that? Or do we have to say “special needs” people”? That sounds retarded).

We use “fag” in the way George Carlin explained on “Class Clown”.

“A fag was someone would wouldn’t go uptown with the gang beating up homos. ‘The big fag has to go home, go home you big fag, the big fag has to go home!'”

In other words, a fag is a pussy or a someone without sufficient balls or someone or something somehow lacking in manliness, like an electric car. It doesn’t mean someone who engages in homosexual sex. Many homos are pretty damn macho (hence the gay song celebrating macho homos!).

(Parenthetically, Macho Homo would be a good name for, well, not a band, but something).

Also, retarded doesn’t mean participants in the Special Olympics. It means something really obviously stupid.

“That show Glee is fucking retarded. And also for fags.”

If gays and special needs people don’t like fag and retard and don’t want to be associated with it as groups, that’s their prerogative and we should respect that. In return, if we promise not to use those words to refer to them, they should allow us to use them in the very unique and irreplaceable shades of meaning they represent for things faggishly fey or idiotically retarded.

We’re going to anyway, so they need to get over themselves.

Plus, getting pissed off about words is so fucking gay.


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