More mush from the Romney-RINO wimps


Malor, the supposed superior intellect over at AOSHQ, lectures us lesser mortals on our stupid, hypocritical, idiotic, deluded support for Santorum (just as he did Gingrich supporters before Santorum’s surge). Seems Santorum is less than perfect and doesn’t live up to malor’s high standards as a conservative (as romney presumably does).

Ho Hum. Haven’t we heard this all before. Pesky Tea Party and other conservative types just won’t get in line and settle for romney like good little sheep, and they must be chastised for it.

So what is the fucking point of this post? I’m so fucking sick of people lecturing that anyone you back that isn’t romney isn’t really a conservative so you’re a hypocrite for supporting him. forget the fact that romney is about the most inconsistent, gutless, no-core-principles-having motherfucker ever to run, if you don’t back him, you’re somehow betraying the conservative cause.

Sure, Santorum isn’t perfect, but Gingrich seems incapable of running a campaign or acting and speaking in a manner which will actually get him elected, so Santorum is what we’ve got. Malor, (along with his buddies in arms the powertools over at powerline who constantly condescend and belittle anyone who doesn’t get with the romney program) better face the fact that there is a HUGE number of conservatives who will NEVER, under any circumstances vote for romney. If there’s no alternative, they will sit the election out. They feel that strongly.

I can relate because I agree. romney is the establishment candidate, unquestionably. The base is sick of the establishment, especially after the betrayal of Tea Party 2010 winners by sellouts like Boehner in the house and our feckless minority leader in the Senate.

Bad as obama is, he will simply serve to really pump up conservatives for ’14 and ’16. Romney would destroy the party, just as McCain would have, and McCain had the advantage of not being an evil fuck.


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