Newsflash: some conservatives vote for stiff mitt


Wow, romney manages to get some conservatives to vote for him, like that proves a goddamn thing.

You’re missing the point. Yeah, romney gets a good share of conservatives who hold their nose. However, turnout is less than in 2008. Meaning, a good many conservatives are sitting home. No one ever said romney won’t get _any_ conservatives: what I (and others) are saying is enough will refuse to vote for him under any circumstances to doom him in the general.

Flail at strawmen all you like, you haven’t made the case romney will win ENOUGH conservatives to win, and that is the entire point. I continue to think Gingrich would do better in the general than Romney. Personally, as I’ve said before, I’d vote for Kim Il Jong before I’d vote for Romney.

I’m resigned to sitting this election out. There is a time to stand up and say “principle matters” and to refuse to go along with the crap the GOP establishment has been pulling on us for decades. The only way to end it is to destroy their candidate. We need obama to crush romney in a landslide.

Then, after two disastrous “moderates” MAYBE we’ll be shed of the kind of candidate Peggy Noonan and David Frum can love.

Also, to save myself typing, I link to this post, with which I heartily agree and couldn’t have said better (well, I probably could have, but then I would have had to type, and this is pretty good as it is). Also, I prefer “Glowball Warmism” as my term of choice of the Church of the Goracle.

Personally (and I’m far from alone) I find mormonism on a crackpot level with Scientology, however I find it more offensive because it’s so obviously cobbled together from pidgin Christianity with a dose of sci-fi and downright offensive blasphemy and distortion of Christian beliefs thrown in. Little wonder, when the cult was expressly created by a charlatan, swindler and convicted conman to enrich him and give him power and his own little kingdom of sycophants and harem of young girls.

Once he had his army of followers, he added kidnapping, murder, white slavery, extortion, thievery and treason to his crimes. Mormons have the gall to point out Jesus was persecuted “just like John Smith and Brigham Young” but neglect to point out Jesus didn’t take dozens of prepubescent girls as concubines while murdering dissenters and anyone with the temerity to try to leave his group.

Mormons added racist dogma as key tenets of their religion and barred blacks from first, membership, and then from leadership, based on the disgusting “belief” that blacks and people of color were dark-skinned as punishment for their sins, like the mark of Cain. A tenet still held is that people of color cannot enter paradise because of this stain of birthright. Mormons just keep a lower profile about that little detail.

The press hasn’t begun to delve into the crack-headed, bizarre and racist points yet, but once romney is the nominee I’m sure they’ll dig in with a gusto they didn’t feel when obama’s racist preacher came to light.

The condescension, insults and smug elitist bullshit promulgated by sites like powerline (and to a lesser extent Hot Air and some authors on AOSHQ and others) has really left me (and many others) with a deep animus and resentment which will last well beyond ’12.

I’m beginning to come around to the notion, held by many already, that the only solution is a third party. Yes, it will destroy the GOP’s chances at holding national office in the short run, but we’d quickly gain a plurality of seats in the house, and a good number of Senators, and eventually the GOP would be forced to come to US, ceding their power.

Only then can we begin the dismantling of the socialist government begun by LBJ and further entrenched by Clinton, Bush and obama. Things have got to change. We’ve waited long enough. We can’t wait any longer, and the sooner we begin, the sooner we’ll get past the unpleasant part. Democrats will help by over-reaching and turning people off, and they will vote for the Tea Party candidates just to give a “new” party a chance. We may get a preference cascade sooner than anyone thinks.

The first step is the rejection of romney.


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