oh noes someone said something that offended a gay person


Someone should slap the ‘ish” out of you and another bullying gay thugs. the gay mafia doesn’t give 1/1000th the tolerance they expect from others.

playing the victim card like obama and his supporters play the race card is no way to gain supporters for gay concerns and political issues.

for that matter, it’s bullshit we’re supposed to support and “tolerate” people based on their sexual practices. it’s sad gays are so hidebound by gay sex that it’s their defining characteristic. all the hetero anal sex trolls or rubber fetish freaks don’t constantly throw their sexual deviations in your face and demand you “tolerate” them.

Sometimes I think if glaad would just STFU gay “rights” (a bullshit term if ever there was one) would be advanced a lot more than constantly bitching and whinging like Elton John on his period. Get over yourselves, the rest of us are beginning to not give a fuck what you think because you are always on about something trivial and nauseating.


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