Obama writes off yet another constituency, making his appeal yet more “selective”


Like Spinal Tap in their fading career endgame, obama seems to feel he’s not losing popularity, his appeal is just becoming more selective, as he insults and demeans Catholics with his “must cover” contraception regs which won’t win him a single vote he wouldn’t have gotten anyway (who else are anyone who is a single-issue abortion lover going to vote for?) and probably loses him millions.

This fits with obama’s decision to scrap the XL pipeline, putting his far-left enviro lobby ahead of unions and helping the economy. obama is much more of a far-left ideologue than all the RINO pundits like brooks and noonan would have had us believe. He puts his socialist and extreme leftist philosophy over jobs, religious freedom, even political wisdom. Which is good, because he lives in a such a bubble of sycophants and liberal extremism that he seems unaware he’s alienating the people he needs to be re-elected. And America needs obama to be defeated, or we get 4 more years of this, and even worse, because even the little restraint he has now keeping him from going the full socialist/far left monty will be gone after the election.

Add to this obama’s campaign to drive off Jewish voters and you have to wonder, does Obama even want to win? With the economy, obamacare and other factors it was always going to be a hard and close election, but intentionally driving off several percentage points worth of voters seems to assure capt. wonderful’s defeat even if the economy improves enough to bring back some independent voters.

This season, Obama has done all he can to lose Jews, unionists and now Catholics, not to mention anyone interested in expanding job opportunities and improving the economy.

Even a stiff like romney should be able to defeat this self-destructive prima-donna.


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