Thomas Friedman wants Castro to pick the GOP nominee, as he did the democrat in ’08


heh, friedman continues his quest to be the stupidest pundit in the world. Both the left and right deride him as a simpleton, but that doesn’t mean he’s centrist or neutral, it just means he has no coherent point of view and edifies no one. I’d be worried if Castro DID approve of the Republican candidates. btw, tom, can you point me to a candidate Fidel _would_ approve? Oh yeah, barack obama. And proving castro is a lot more astute than friedman, obama has lived up to castro’s hopes, damaging the United States as much as the limits of the executive branch will allow, and breaking precedent and law to go even further. castro never let a little thing like ‘constitutions’ and ‘laws’ limit his ability to grab power, force his will on his country at the expense of liberty, and further his party and minions at the expense of the rest of the country. obama is a true disciple of castro, no wonder fidel hearts barry and hates Gingrich.


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