Let’s teach about abortion, AIDS, gay bullying, black nationalism, Palestinian rights and income equality on Sesame Street (sign the petition)


These whingers are complaining because they haven’t seen any breastfeeding on Sesame Street lately, and they think that’s wrong, and that the kind of poor bastards who park their kids in front of the teevee to watch life-partners Bert and Ernie are too stupid to figure it out unless they see it on Sesame Street, so more babies sucking bewbage! Even muppets should bare a furry tit or two and offer a felt-covered nipple to a muppet moppet, I guess. And btw, there are a lot more messages they should be disseminating, sign the petition and let’s school teh innner city idiots!

oh bullshit. I’m so sick of every single thing in this country being politicized, from Tim Tebow to The Passion of the Christ, sports, movies, tv, music, everything must adhere to a politically correct posture and the left and right must take a stand and fight over every cultural benchmark.

Listen, I don’t want my kids exposed to subjects on the schedule of idiots who sign petitions; I do it on the time table my husband and I find appropriate. If you rely on Sesame Street to inform your kids on breast feeding, you are a sorry excuse for a parent. Actually, Sesame Street has been annoying and preachy for a long time. You want to make it more-so. Another reason to defund PBS. Quit lecturing us, and quit listening to people who demand you lecture us. Stick to the ABCs and counting to 12, ok? I’ll teach my kids about sexuality and reproduction myself, mmkay hun?

If you are talking about educating the PARENTS about breastfeeding via SSt, you are offensively condescending and even more idiotic than I first thought. MInd your own fucking business.


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