Shorter Bigot Bob Krumm: Italians will knock your gramma down to steal a meatball, that’s why they drowned


Disgusting bigot Bob Krumm has the entire Italian liner disaster figured out: see, he’s been skiing with Italians, and they aren’t like the rest of us, nor the more civilized Germans (the damn Italians couldn’t have even kept the trains to the gas chambers running on time without the German sense of order to guide them!). They knock people down, they drive on the wrong side of the road, they are uncivilized, crude, ignorant, rude, stupid and just below the level of humanity Bob Krumm expects to find on the slopes.

So naturally, they just pushed everyone aside and ran to the front of the line. Despite any actual evidence of this, he knows it because, hey, that’s just how Italians are.

I’ve seen an advance copy of bigot Bob Krumm‘s next column:

The Biafra famine was caused because it’s well-known black people will knock you down for a piece of fried chicken, they have no sense of order (as the admired Germans do) and they just caper around like baboons with no sense of order. So it’s no wonder they starved, and by the way, they probably deserved it, signed Bob Krumm.

Here’s an actual quote. This is kind of bigotry and sneering at entire populations of which Ron Paul and David Duke would be proud:

Italians, especially southern Italians, do not respect this concept on the slopes. Those already ahead of them when they arrive at the lift are an obstacle to be overcome, not to be waited out. Pushing, elbows, and skiing across the top of your own skis are all permitted according to Italian rules.

Spaniards are like this too. French are far more Italian than they are German. And Greeks? Well, I can’t say, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Greeks skiing–probably because they can’t afford to.

He’s never been around poor people, and frankly, they disgust him, so that’s a good thing. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to see any Wops, Spics or other greasers on the slopes, they just muddy up the snow, don’t you know.

Bob Krumm is a revolting, crass bigot. His commenters are a reflection of his hate and insults.


2 Responses to “Shorter Bigot Bob Krumm: Italians will knock your gramma down to steal a meatball, that’s why they drowned”

  1. Mike James Says:

    The memory of Fabrizio Quattrocchi was ill-served by this…

    Babygiraffes, that was the first line of what was going to be yet more fun being had at your expense, because sometimes I don’t resist the urge to be all schoolyard about things if I detect an easy mark, but I looked at that truly brave man’s name, and I didn’t have the heart.

    Hate and insults are being thrown around pretty freely, I think with justice at the skipper of the Costa Concordia and his officers, from reports up to the present, because this fiasco has a body count, but unjustifiably in the case of unselective cheap shots rooted in our common human heritage of some people take real pride in being a dick.

    Please don’t let people get you down.

  2. Teddy Says:

    What a dumb,ignorant philosophy on life and people in general.It is the Germans that are the real jerks here! They caused two world wars,the annihilation of millions of peoplndless misery,destruction,etc. But wait,they wait in line on in ski-slopes more ordely than Italians. Stuffed shirts,cold,arrogant and nasty people that can’t cook,or do anything humanly possible with warmth,and affection but take orders,control everything they possibly can and criticize everyone else. DAMN KRAUTS !!!

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