Comment of the Day: Kings Speech


Ugh, The King’s Speech. Colin Firth and Guy Pearce do a great job of realistically depicting the entitled, snobbish, pampered, unintelligent, effete, lazy, ignorant, xenophobic and repugnant British royalty.

Wow, during the war, while less privileged Yanks and Brits were dying in the mud of France, the king overcomes a flippin’ STUTTER to give a little speech bucking up the troops, and it’s just the greatest triumph in the history of humanity, let’s all give the brave and self-sacrificing king a hand (he did have to venture out of the fabulously appointed palace to slum it in the speech therapist’s own humble home, what courage, what self-sacrifice!). Then it was back to a life of luxury, waited on hand and foot (literally) by an army of servants. What a trouper this guy was! He had it _rough_!

What a load of tripe. I detested this movie, forced to sit through because my parents love Brit-films, but I’ve about had my fill of the British upper class, perfectly deconstructed in “Remains of the Day”, which depicted the true sympathies of most of the British upper-crust. They deserve a great deal of the blame for the horrors which followed, and probably should have been tried for treason.


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