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Albert Nobbs, where Glenn Close still looks like a man

January 30, 2012

I’ll grant you Glenn Close looks like a man, I’ve always thought so since she last played a man in “Sarah, Plain and Tall”.

Her turn as a “sexy” femme fatale (literally) in “Fatal Attraction” never really clicked for me because, regardless of the supposed wild sex on the kitchen sink (unlikely and uncomfortable, but they got the visual of her turning on the taps and that was what was important, I guess) I never found her believable as an attractive women. I find her less attractive playing a man, but equally sexy, which is not at all.


Thomas Friedman wants Castro to pick the GOP nominee, as he did the democrat in ’08

January 29, 2012

heh, friedman continues his quest to be the stupidest pundit in the world. Both the left and right deride him as a simpleton, but that doesn’t mean he’s centrist or neutral, it just means he has no coherent point of view and edifies no one. I’d be worried if Castro DID approve of the Republican candidates. btw, tom, can you point me to a candidate Fidel _would_ approve? Oh yeah, barack obama. And proving castro is a lot more astute than friedman, obama has lived up to castro’s hopes, damaging the United States as much as the limits of the executive branch will allow, and breaking precedent and law to go even further. castro never let a little thing like ‘constitutions’ and ‘laws’ limit his ability to grab power, force his will on his country at the expense of liberty, and further his party and minions at the expense of the rest of the country. obama is a true disciple of castro, no wonder fidel hearts barry and hates Gingrich.

Let’s teach about abortion, AIDS, gay bullying, black nationalism, Palestinian rights and income equality on Sesame Street (sign the petition)

January 24, 2012

These whingers are complaining because they haven’t seen any breastfeeding on Sesame Street lately, and they think that’s wrong, and that the kind of poor bastards who park their kids in front of the teevee to watch life-partners Bert and Ernie are too stupid to figure it out unless they see it on Sesame Street, so more babies sucking bewbage! Even muppets should bare a furry tit or two and offer a felt-covered nipple to a muppet moppet, I guess. And btw, there are a lot more messages they should be disseminating, sign the petition and let’s school teh innner city idiots!

oh bullshit. I’m so sick of every single thing in this country being politicized, from Tim Tebow to The Passion of the Christ, sports, movies, tv, music, everything must adhere to a politically correct posture and the left and right must take a stand and fight over every cultural benchmark.

Wikipedia is not actually down: just turn off javascript to see it

January 18, 2012

I was reading about how Wikipedia was down, but when I visited, it was up, np. Then I noticed I had never turned ScriptBlock, the FIrefox extension, off on Wikipedia (usually it just allows their constant begging for funds). Forbid scripts on Wikipedia and it works fine.

Shorter Bigot Bob Krumm: Italians will knock your gramma down to steal a meatball, that’s why they drowned

January 17, 2012

Disgusting bigot Bob Krumm has the entire Italian liner disaster figured out: see, he’s been skiing with Italians, and they aren’t like the rest of us, nor the more civilized Germans (the damn Italians couldn’t have even kept the trains to the gas chambers running on time without the German sense of order to guide them!). They knock people down, they drive on the wrong side of the road, they are uncivilized, crude, ignorant, rude, stupid and just below the level of humanity Bob Krumm expects to find on the slopes.

So naturally, they just pushed everyone aside and ran to the front of the line. Despite any actual evidence of this, he knows it because, hey, that’s just how Italians are.

I’ve seen an advance copy of bigot Bob Krumm‘s next column:

The Biafra famine was caused because it’s well-known black people will knock you down for a piece of fried chicken, they have no sense of order (as the admired Germans do) and they just caper around like baboons with no sense of order. So it’s no wonder they starved, and by the way, they probably deserved it, signed Bob Krumm.

Here’s an actual quote. This is kind of bigotry and sneering at entire populations of which Ron Paul and David Duke would be proud:

Italians, especially southern Italians, do not respect this concept on the slopes. Those already ahead of them when they arrive at the lift are an obstacle to be overcome, not to be waited out. Pushing, elbows, and skiing across the top of your own skis are all permitted according to Italian rules.

Spaniards are like this too. French are far more Italian than they are German. And Greeks? Well, I can’t say, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Greeks skiing–probably because they can’t afford to.

He’s never been around poor people, and frankly, they disgust him, so that’s a good thing. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to see any Wops, Spics or other greasers on the slopes, they just muddy up the snow, don’t you know.

Bob Krumm is a revolting, crass bigot. His commenters are a reflection of his hate and insults.

Comment of the Day: Kings Speech

January 17, 2012

Ugh, The King’s Speech. Colin Firth and Guy Pearce do a great job of realistically depicting the entitled, snobbish, pampered, unintelligent, effete, lazy, ignorant, xenophobic and repugnant British royalty.

Bitter old failure Fran Tarkenton joins the haters piling on Tebow

January 13, 2012

Fran Tarkenton, whom I always liked and respected, joins the chorus of idiots making a spectacle of themselves condemning Tim Tebow for supposedly making a spectacle of himself:

The prayer was always pretty much for the same thing: Let there not be any injuries, let everybody play a good game—anything except to win the game. No one ever asked to win the game, probably for fear that God would punish us for asking. After this moment of devotion, the team would all shout in unison, “Now let’s go kill those S.O.B.’s!”…

Does anyone else feel like this is suspiciously similar to the scene in ”North Dallas Forty” where the late great John Matusak says those exact words after the team priest gives the invocation? It could be a case of art imitating life, since author Peter Gent was an ex-pro football players and presumably based the book on personal experience.

However, the anecdote is just a little too pat and the exact line being used leads me to believe Fran, (whom I loved as a scrappy scrambler cursed with a lot of bad teams and bad luck even in Super Bowl years) has had his memories coloured by the movie and back-constructed the tale and might even believe it’s true. Little too ‘on the nose’ for me to swallow, however.

Dave Barry, closet conservative?

January 2, 2012

Barry gets some joshing in on the GOP candidates, but check out these 2 sections, which basically take a side in the media narrative diametrically opposed to the democrat article of faith:

Check out this deconstruction of the Gifford shooting, which pretty much echoes what conservative blogs have said all along (does Barry secretly read the conservative blogs?)

The month’s biggest story is a tragedy in Tucson, where a man opens fire on a meet-and-greet being held by U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The accused shooter turns out to be a mentally unstable loner with a history of drug use; there is no evidence that his actions had anything to do with uncivil political rhetoric. So naturally the blame for the tragedy is immediately placed on: uncivil political rhetoric. This results in a nationwide spasm of civil political rhetoric lasting about two hours, after which everybody returns to uncivil political rhetoric, which has been the norm in the United States for two centuries.

And this dismissal of the occupoopers, which also pretty much mirrors what rightblogs and other conservative commentators have said about the movement (no pun intended).