Walmart upsets limousine liberal


It’s especially shocking how Wal-Mart _forces_ customers, at the point of a gun and backed by US law, to shop at their stores. Or perhaps the authors’ point is how the poor, stupid benighted bastards who shop there are just too damn dumb to know that shopping for the best prices, being able to own things they would be unable to afford elsewhere, improving their quality of life by buying the best goods at the cheapest price, all these things are wrong and evil, mostly because union officials don’t get their cut. And when union officials don’t get their cut, the democrat party suffers, because then union officials can’t siphon union dues off to democrat party coffers. Everyone should just cut out the middleman and give all the money they would spend at Wal-Mart, or anywhere else, to the democrat party (something the democrats are constantly attempting to codify). Then, with all money in democrat hands, they can redistribute it according to their fair and equitable political patronage system, much as they did with the so-called “Recovery Act” funds.



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