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Walmart upsets limousine liberal

December 11, 2011

It’s especially shocking how Wal-Mart _forces_ customers, at the point of a gun and backed by US law, to shop at their stores. Or perhaps the authors’ point is how the poor, stupid benighted bastards who shop there are just too damn dumb to know that shopping for the best prices, being able to own things they would be unable to afford elsewhere, improving their quality of life by buying the best goods at the cheapest price, all these things are wrong and evil, mostly because union officials don’t get their cut. And when union officials don’t get their cut, the democrat party suffers, because then union officials can’t siphon union dues off to democrat party coffers. Everyone should just cut out the middleman and give all the money they would spend at Wal-Mart, or anywhere else, to the democrat party (something the democrats are constantly attempting to codify). Then, with all money in democrat hands, they can redistribute it according to their fair and equitable political patronage system, much as they did with the so-called “Recovery Act” funds.


Gay GOP groups outs gay GOP operative ‘yawn’ hypocrisy even in our own ranks

December 11, 2011

GOPProud members comment on a gay GOP political operative, who they thought everyone knew was gay, but some claim they have de facto outed him. I almost care, in the big scheme of things, but there is another point.

If we are supposed to respect the choices of someone like chaz bono to be called a man, and to “identify” as a man, even though she is, in reality, a biological woman, why shouldn’t anyone who chooses to “identify” as straight be respected in the same way, even if they engage in homosexual sex? Leftists throw everything out the window when it comes to political warfare, including their identity politics.

I don’t support gay rights for the simple reason gays don’t respect my rights: gay groups are mostly worried about 1-2 issues, gay marriage and gay bullying or gay rights. They completely ignore my issues of over-taxation and government interference in my business and personal rights. I cannot support their causes when they continue to discriminate against me and my causes, probably because I am heterosexual.

Any group which largely supports leftist principals and issues is better sidelined pursuing issues about which I don’t care, and I don’t much care about gay marriage either way, but it sucks the steam out of their ability to push other leftist causes. It also causes them to naturally alienate people with their extremism (as they did re: Prop 8 in California) which further damages the democrats and the left.

That’s why I don’t concern myself with issues dear to (most) gay activists, not because I have anything against gay people. They don’t, by and large, support the same issues I do, and having them (and other democrats and leftists) waste time and money fighting for gay marriage and other gay related issues takes away from the really damaging things they do in this country.

Not to mention the fact, gay issues are a wedge issue that one day might drive religious black voters out of the democrat party. This fact should be exploited, the left has lied about the GOP and conservatives being bigoted and racist for too long. I think religious blacks are natural Republicans, and only democrat propaganda has kept them out of the party for so long.