Whiny, defensive post from leftist “nuh uh, OWS does not smell like shit, mostly”


My schadenfreude meter is off the charts reading this fine whine from the puffingtonhost.

Face it:
The Occupy movement are a combination of a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who are pissed because they feel they are entitled to an 6 figure salary after wasting their college loan on diversity and gender studies, and they can’t find a job (or more accurately, a job for which they will deign to collect a paycheck)- the rest are either criminals, slackers, mentally disturbed, Mom’s basement dwelling chronically unemployed losers and old hippies. They are the 23%, the hard-core left. They are kind of screwed because they don’t have a Republican president to rail against, but that should be remedied in about a year. Unfortunately for them, they’ll all be rousted out of every single city by NYE, I’m guessing, those who aren’t driven out by the cold, disease, crime and violence inherent in the Occupied Parks. And the lamentations of people like the writer of the above screed will be schweet schweet music to the 77%.


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