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Barney Frank hurt America worse than any other politician in the last 50 years

November 30, 2011

The lefties are out full force with pre-emptive defenses for Barney Frank, that walking talking piece of shit who ran our country into the ground with his leftist social engineering and wealth redistribution scams.

Here’s one of his gems, which Clarence Page, who is a moron, thinks is a clever example of Frank’s wit:

When somebody complains about how politicians are a bunch of corrupt, lazy, no-count bums, Rep. Barney Frank has been known to reply with a wry grin: “Y’ know, the public is no bargain, either.”

Yeah, but the “public” doesn’t control everyone’s money so they can throw it around to gain power, like you did Frank. And the “public” didn’t almost single-handedly destroy the greatest economy and economic system the world has ever, and will ever, know. You did, with your leftist “let’s give everyone a house, whether or not they can afford the payments, and let’s sink the economy doing it” bullshit.

Not to mention, you’re the most obnoxious and condescending motherfucker in Washington, which is saying a lot, because they are professionals there. Criminal, immoral, so partisan you’d have applauded GWB’s assassination, America-hating elitist son of a bitch. I don’t even care that you’re a fairy or that you let your convict boyfriend run a gay whorehouse out of your apartment, or that you were sucking off a Fannie-Mae exec while you were pushing bills favorable to your butt-buddy. I just want you to burn in hell for your perfidy in destroying our economy, for eternity, you terrible human being, you walking mound of human excrement, you dick with ears. You give gay people everywhere a bad name, you’re a disgrace to your sexual proclivities (by which so many of you ilk like to identify, which always struck me odd.)


Whiny, defensive post from leftist “nuh uh, OWS does not smell like shit, mostly”

November 13, 2011

My schadenfreude meter is off the charts reading this fine whine from the puffingtonhost.

Face it:
The Occupy movement are a combination of a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who are pissed because they feel they are entitled to an 6 figure salary after wasting their college loan on diversity and gender studies, and they can’t find a job (or more accurately, a job for which they will deign to collect a paycheck)- the rest are either criminals, slackers, mentally disturbed, Mom’s basement dwelling chronically unemployed losers and old hippies. They are the 23%, the hard-core left. They are kind of screwed because they don’t have a Republican president to rail against, but that should be remedied in about a year. Unfortunately for them, they’ll all be rousted out of every single city by NYE, I’m guessing, those who aren’t driven out by the cold, disease, crime and violence inherent in the Occupied Parks. And the lamentations of people like the writer of the above screed will be schweet schweet music to the 77%.

Another victim of success

November 1, 2011

from Gatway Pundit

If I had to guess, I’d say that the more lucrative panhandling and easier procuring of drugs due to his many new fans and hangers-on probably killed the guy. Where-as before, his poverty kept his drug addiction down to a manageable and non-lethal level, the notoriety he gained by being a very vocal and extroverted crazy in a sea of crazy gained him just enough money or free drugs for him to kill himself. Notwithstanding the scold above who berates us to have compassion for this guy, what we see here is Darwinism in action. The world is better off if this guy’s genes are not propagated. The world doesn’t really need “Son of Street-Poet” crazy, we’re all stocked up here.