Get a raise


Great comment on this blog, which answers the query much better than the original blogger who first posited it:

I’ll give you my method, which has never failed me yet, free.

Work insanely hard and inhumanly long, productive hours and do amazing work.

Make yourself indispensable.

Be super-conscientious, find and address even small details, while competently advancing the big picture of any project. Look for things to improve, and obsessively work on improving them. Seek out new techniques, check out the work of your peers and cutting edge practitioners of your craft and emulate them where practicable. Make sure you boss appreciates this work by pointing out your innovations, if necessary.

Take on a much responsibility for day to day operations as you possibly can. Make damn sure you handle this responsibility competently.

Seek out and execute innovative and effective techniques that might not be immediately accessible and manageable to the ‘normal’ worker.

Make the business depend on these techniques for growth and management. Make sure you boss KNOWS he depends on you and your expertise.

Then, ask for a raise and give the impression you may quit if you don’t get it.

The only reason to give _anyone_ a raise, as a pure business decision, is that they can do a better job at more money than any other worker at a lesser salary/rate. Make sure you are that valuable an employee.

If you are just a wage-slave clock-watcher who puts his time in, then goes home, doing as little as possible to get through the day, then I have no suggestions for you.

Every job I’ve ever quit, the boss was, to say modestly, slightly devastated I was leaving and probably would have paid me a great deal more not to leave, but if you are this kind of worker, you will have no problem getting jobs, then quickly becoming indispensable to any boss and can pretty much demand the top wage your profession and position can reasonably command, and slightly more.


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