Why the leftist entertainment industry can’t find anything funny to say about Obama.


It’s big news when a mainstream comedian cracks on Obama, because it happens so infrequently. This piece about Jimmy Fallon gently ribbing the president is so mild it’s barely “criticism” at all. It’s certainly not very funny.

I’ve read numerous pieces where comedians, mostly leftists ones, say it’s hard to joke about Obama cuz he’s just so damn competent and saintly there isn’t much to work with.

Which is bullshit of course. They certainly have had no problems in the past making fun of the actual Messiah, so laughing at a faux one should be easy, right? It’s hard for them, and here’s why:

I noticed a long time ago, comedians are fucking lazy. They establish a trope about a president or well-known politician, and then beat it to death. Reagan was old and stupid, GHW Bush was weak and unmanly (especially compared to Reagan), Quayle was young and stupid, Clinton was a womanizer and serial liar, GW Bush was, again, stupid (they are especially lazy when it comes to Republicans).

So, to use their formulaic humor device, (in lieu of actually coming up with thoughtful, insightful humor) they would have to come up with a trite, reusable trope about Obama. To have any chance of comedic possibilities, it has to be slightly insulting to the president. And they certainly don’t want to promote any of the obvious and resonant truths that might harm the president if he were ridiculed using them: like the fact he’s incompetent, not up to the job, unconnected and uninvolved with the job, that he’s a smug, narcissistic elitist who seems to despise average Americans and cannot even begin to relate to over 2/3rds of the people in this country, you could go on and on. That he’s trying to turn the country into Europe-lite would be a good one with which to start.

But they’ll never do this, of course. They have their interest to protect. That’s why, on one of the very very few SNLs I’ve seen in the last 5 (or more) years, they did the Fake News, and did 3 pieces ridiculing Republicans and exactly zero about the president. This is the first time in my memory a president has been nearly immune to comedians ridiculing him.

It’s almost un-American.

They certainly do him no service, because one of the main things that bothers people about Obama is the unending adulation the press and the entertainment world drool upon him. They reinforce the sense of “otherness” Obama seems so desperate to shed. Since he’s immune to the jibes and japes of comedians, it makes him less human and likable than it otherwise would. Bush kept his mouth shut in the face of unrelenting ridicule, lies, slander and and evil remarks.

Obama has been handled more gently than any public figure you could name outside of Mother Theresa, and he whines constantly about how mean the press is towards him.

The thing is, you can’t stop people from making jokes about him. If leftist comedians don’t want to do the job, others will step in to do it for them.


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