NPR is for pricks


Schiller (the main one, not the douchebag who got caught on tape accurately spelling out NPR attitudes and policy, the one who spent all her time denying what he admitted) gets fired, according to reports.

If you need to know the details of this story, go there and here.

Schiller (the woman) continued up until yesterday denying that Schiller (the man) represented NPR’s true feelings about the American public, conservatives, the Tea Party, Jews, etc. This is the part that pisses me off the most.

Anyone who listens to 5 minutes of “All Things Considered” (is that a prick-nosed title for a news show or what?) with their soft-spoken delivery, seconds of dead air and pauses between stories (and sometimes even sentences), the pretentious, smug, self-satisfied bien pensant bullshitthat NPR embodies can’t be denied. It’s like an elephant denying his trunk or Joe Biden denying he’s an asshole: these things define NPR. The liberal world-view and mindset frames every story. There will never be a story that admits pro-lifers have the smallest point, the dick-nosed Schiller (not the cunt) admits they only cover global warming skeptics as political curiosities, not as scientists with a real point of view.

NPR is so leftist they think if they tack even a millimeter to the center, they are in fact, centrist. When your starting point is a the extreme edge of the leftist spectrum, a scintilla of deviation from that ‘norm’ seems to be ‘fair’.

NPR thinks it is for the intelligent minority of America, the grad students, the limousine liberals, the green yuppies who compost, Prius drivers etc. It’s not for all Democrats: blue collar union guys or unemployed minorities are not the target audience. NPR condescends to explain and work the victimization of these people, but they are not the audience. The audience is the elite, the chosen, the people who should be governing this country because they are the anointed ones. RINOs and establishment Republicans who are immersed in DC culture are included in this culture.

They are within their rights to have their little smug-fest, where they openly despise the rest of the country and not so much ridicule them as degrade them and deny their very humanity, but we shouldn’t have to pay for their circle jerk. And I don’t give a shit if they claim they could exist just fine without government funds, that’s bullshit. Having the government help pay is the point. That means it’s sanctioned. If they would ‘do just fine’, then why didn’t Air America do fine? The same people gave money to them. If the US gov stops giving money, a lot of those orgs will stop as well. And it will eventually die. and that’s part of the reason we need to defund it, so it will die, and the people who support it will be defeated and dismayed.


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