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Why the leftist entertainment industry can’t find anything funny to say about Obama.

March 30, 2011

It’s big news when a mainstream comedian cracks on Obama, because it happens so infrequently. This piece about Jimmy Fallon gently ribbing the president is so mild it’s barely “criticism” at all. It’s certainly not very funny.

I’ve read numerous pieces where comedians, mostly leftists ones, say it’s hard to joke about Obama cuz he’s just so damn competent and saintly there isn’t much to work with.

Which is bullshit of course. They certainly have had no problems in the past making fun of the actual Messiah, so laughing at a faux one should be easy, right? It’s hard for them, and here’s why:


NPR is proven left-wing propagandists by who defends it and who wants to defund it

March 21, 2011

Yeah right:

Steve Inskeep, A veteran National Public Radio correspondent, is calling from Cairo, having just visited a 23-year-old man with welts on his back who says the Egyptian Army tortured him.

“That, to me, is a real story,” he says. At a time when he is trying to get flak jackets to his colleagues in Libya, Inskeep has little patience for charges that NPR leans to the left. “What’s important to us is the work we do,” he says. “I actually get accused of being a conservative as often as I get accused of being a liberal.”

If that’s so, show me one liberal who wants to defund NPR, and show me a prominent, actual conservative who will defend it. The very babes in arms know NPR is leftist, just as the NEA is, just as almost any government entity you care to name is. They are because leftists rely on the government for money and subsidies: the rest of us have to work for a living to pay taxes to fund this bullshit.

NPR is for pricks

March 9, 2011

Schiller (the main one, not the douchebag who got caught on tape accurately spelling out NPR attitudes and policy, the one who spent all her time denying what he admitted) gets fired, according to reports.

If you need to know the details of this story, go there and here.

Schiller (the woman) continued up until yesterday denying that Schiller (the man) represented NPR’s true feelings about the American public, conservatives, the Tea Party, Jews, etc. This is the part that pisses me off the most.


March 9, 2011

I’m watching the documentary by Paul Provenza and Penn Gillette about the joke “The Aristocrats”.

Two thoughts: one, all the comics look really old and bad, except Drew Carey. It’s stunning how old some of these guys (and gals) have gotten, and time has not been kind.

Second, these are professional comedians who do this nightly, and have (from the look of them) for a long, long time, decades. And yet, George Carlin, Harry Shearer, many other intelligent and talented guys, blow the punchline, either because they don’t understand it, or it was how it was told to them and they never had the intellectual curiosity and true “sense” of humor to question why the fucking punchline doesn’t work the way they tell it.